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The Pain of Grief

Updated: Apr 17

When you experience the death or the loss of someone close to you it can feel very lonely and isolating, as though you are alone in the world. You may feel that no-one understands your pain or accepts that you are feeling upset. Other people may wonder what is wrong with you and feelings of blame may add to your distress.

You can feel numb, sad, empty, angry, relief, sorrow, loneliness, frustration or many different emotions. It takes time to process your grief and this time varies from person to person. The nature of the relationship that you had with the deceased will effect your emotions as a close bond may be difficult to let go.

Complex grief can be traumatic and confusing. Losing someone to suicide or a person who abused you can add guilt, shame or overwhelm you with feelings and emotions.

Validating your feelings and talking with a counsellor can support you through your grief.

Learning to live your life without the person takes time and compassion for yourself.

The love you have for the person who is dead will stay but you will in time lessen the pain of their loss.

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