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A New Dawn

Updated: Jul 3

Blue sky and sunshine with a tree top
The sun will rise

One thing that we can rely on is that the sun will rise and a new day will dawn. When certainty can be unsure, feelings can become overwhelming and anxiety can cause emotional distress, nature can be a certainty of hope.

Observing the sunrise, seeing the bright orange circle encompassing the bottom of the sky as a bright beacon of light. Grounding the soul in the natural cycle of mother nature and accepting the present moment will calm the nervous system.

Accepting that you can only control yourself and that there is a massive world which is continually changing and beyond any human beings control, allows you to be grateful for the vastness of the world.

Gratitude for a glimmer of beauty from the sunrise and an opportunity to make a different choice today, is a freedom of being human. A small change can make a big difference to how you feel. Choices may be to get out of bed on the other side, breath deep for a few moments, stretch your body, say a positive affirmation to yourself and allow yourself to believe it, "I am going to have a good day" or "I am enough" can change a bad start into a better one.

The world never stops, it is always moving forward, like the river flows to the sea and

as the darkness of night is followed by the lightness of the morning. Being in the present moment, breath deeply, move gently, say kind words and being attune to your inner senses to allow an understanding of inner feelings.

Nature will always be there to ground you in the moment, smell the air, feel the sun, taste the wind, touch the ground and look around you at a new day with a new opportunity to make a different choice for your self.

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